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Terms and conditions apply Terms and conditions apply for the webpage Apartmentis.com and can change occasionally. You will be notified about these changes on this page. By registering and using our web portal you confirm that you agree with the terms and conditions.

We do not check the entered data and so we do not guarantee that all the information is exact, complete or true. We also are not responsible for any potentially misleading information. By using the web portal Apartmentis.com you take full responsibility for all published content, prices, reservations and graphic material. By posting graphic material on Apartmentis.com you are confirming that you have copyright to all pictures/photographs or that you have all the permissions and consents needed to publish them. You are also confirming that you are responsible for any graphic content you post. Apartmentis.com does not protect your copyright to your pictures/photographs as well as their illegal copying to other pages and their use for other purposes. In this case you will need to react on your own. Apartmentis.com denies all responsibility and liabilities for any of the posted photographs or text. A person who, uploads photographs is obligated that the pictures are decent and do not contain viruses or other elements that might endanger the functionality of the website in any way and that their content is not offensive, illegal, pornographic, or indecent. In such cases Apartmentis.com can at any time and without warning delete the pictures and forbid the person who posted them access to the web portal. The person/user who posted the content is responsible for any further, legal, moral and/or financial damage.


We do not get involved in reservations, payment and financial pathways between you and your guests so we are not responsible for them in any way. These are left to the agreement between you and the customer. We only guarantee to publish the information you upload yourself. Price of using the web portal Usage of the portal is payable only as a service. You will be charged a minimal price once a year with extra discounts for additional years. You decide for yourself if you want to extend the service or end it and for how many years. To cancel your post early delete it form the web portal or notify us that you wish to do that. In case you do not extend your post past the paid period, your post will become invisible in will delete itself soon.

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Apartmentis.com respects your privacy completely. We ask you to read our statement on privacy and the notice about cookies.

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