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Registration for new users of Apartmentis system

By registering you receive your own subpage that you manage using your own user program. The user program for property owners is easy to use and includes many functions that allow you to manage you properties simply and efficiently. You can present various types of properties from hotels, apartments, guesthouses, to rustic accommodations and many others. If a property type is missing from our roster please let us know.

The presentation of your property includes: A description of the property, capacity of the property, adding and editing pictures, you contact information with a google map location, you terms and conditions for guests, options for sending auto-replies and a lot more.

You can describe you property in other languages and add SEO information (Information for search engines on how and where to rank you subpage).

There are lots of extra features you can add to your property description which range from pools, air conditioning, parking space and such, to features like a tennis court or a ski storage rack/place. From a wide range of choices you can also add various fun, wellness and shopping possibilities as well as attraction that may be in the nearby area. By doing so you might alert a future guest not only to the property itself but also to its vicinity.

You manage the pricing of you properties on your own.

Reservations are left to you and your guests. You can arrange everything through phone, Email or your own website. Apartmentis does not provide a service of reservation and payment, like similar portals usually do. Instead we leave these matters to be decided in direct contact between you and your guest.

Another special feature of the website is that you can show contact information, such as phone number, Email or even the address of your primary website this allows for a completely open and free dialog between you and you guest. Apartmentis is a modern website that is visible on computers as well as tablets, smartphones and similar devices that have access to the internet. The primary missions of the portal are its visibility and effectiveness which are growing quickly, making reservations without comission and managing your properties simply and in any way you want.

Until December 1.2015 you can register you properties under promotional prices which are 25% lower. Right now the prices are as low as 44 euro per year so hurry up!

Registration for new users of Apartmentis system

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